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Ugra Research Institute of Information Technologies (URIIT) is the first-rate regional center for basic and applied researches in the sphere of base information technologies for oil and gas industry and environmental protection in Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous region.

In 2002 INTERSYST has completed the first stage of work for setting into operation feeble-current system complex for the URIIT group of buildings. Design estimates package for the whole system complex has been worked out and presented, works on delivery and installation of structured cable network for 600 workplaces have been performed and a new telecommunication server OmniPCX 4400 (Alcatel, France) for 500 users, with the integrated DECT system for 100 users has been set into operation.

In 2003 works on delivery, installation and setting into operation of a big segment of local area network (LAN) (Cisco, USA) for 500 users, which commutation equipment capacity is being used for geodesic information handling from the super servers complex Sun, set in URIIT by the company UNI (Moscow) have been performed.

According to the project the following works were fulfilled: installation and setting into operation of external and internal video observation system allowing for the possibility to archive observation data (KODOS, Russia); access control system on the base of individual personnel plastic cards (KODOS, Russia); centralized time displaying system (Moserbaum, Switzerland) and power backup systems with 0,5 MWatt total performance. The works on the latter were carried out by Utilex-IT (Novosibirsk) who acted as a subcontractor.

During 2004-2006 INTERSYST has rendered services to all the installed systems.

The modernization of telecommunication system using VoIP technologies is planned.