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SURGUTNEFTEGAZ (SNG) - is one of the leading Russian oil companies whose activity is expanding over oil and oil-and-gas deposits exploration, developing and exploitation; crude oil and gas extraction and distribution, production and sale of oil and petrochemistry products.

The base for corporate network voice and data transmission was formed in 1998 in the context of a big and complex project implementation made by ALCATEL company. The project included switches, voice and data routers, long-haul equipment and subscribers wireless access equipment.

Once established the system has been upgraded repeatedly and since 2000 INTERSYST whose personnel had previously participated in network building, has taken a hand in network upgrading.

Since 2001 till present days INTERSYST has been performing voice segment servicing of SNG corporate network and subsequent step-by-step network upgrading.

In 2003-2005 INTERSYST has realized several system modernizations with migration to the new Alcatel OmiPCX Enterprise telecommunication server and increasing network capacity both for wire and mobile DECT subscribers up to 10 000 numbers.

SNG corporate network distinctive features are first of all - high network capacity (nearly 15000 ports) and territorial dispersion of network nodes (area of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomy region). Its also necessary to point out that the network is highly overfilled with extra services - voice mail, automatic attendant, last release of Network Management Center (NMC) and integrated mobile subscribers network DECT, which at the moment is one of the biggest network in the territory of Russia (more than 500 base stations DECT and more than 2 000 DECT subscribers in network).

In 2009 INTERSYST realized an essential phase of the network modernization; 5 new nodes are launched and a couple of sites were upgraded with capacity expanding.