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The West-Ural Branch of the Savings Bank of Russian Federation (Sberbank) is the first-rate bank in Perm region, has built the voice and data network on the base of Alcatel OmniPCX 4400 telecommunication servers and Cisco routers in 1998-2001. Beginning from 1999 to 2002 the network was modernized and extended by INTERSYST. The works on corporative telecommunication banking sphere escalation for the territory of all Perm region were begun. This is a determinative base for the development of modern bank technologies.

In 2002-2005 the works on expansion of new segments of the bank corporative network using the VolP and DECT technologies started. Several new node stations in the territory of Perm and Perm region were installed and launched into operation. The basic equipment for the new nodes and the modernization of existing ones are the telecommunication servers Alcatel OmniPCX4400 and Alcatel OmniPCX Office.

During 2006-2009 INTERSYST specialists continued the building of bank network in the region as well as realized extension of service possibilities. Call center for bank customers was launched into exploitation; OmniVista software for management of bank telecommunication network was installed.

In 2010 INTERSYST installed about 140 subscribers including analogue and digital ones in 11 offices of the bank. The stations have IP connection with the corporate network of the West-Ural Branch of the Savings Bank of Russian Federation and analog line connection with the UTN. The stations analog trunks are equipped with the automatic number identification function. A number of connection network objects have been upgraded: IP trunks installed, subscriber capacity increased by involving dect subscribers, nuclear heating power plant processors replaced by applications servers.